People are unique—they use hemp and cannabis for different reasons, ranging from illness to weight loss to seeking happiness and euphoria”, and we couldn’t agree more. If you’ve shopped at our store, you may have noticed some products that contain more than just CBD or delta 8 THC. Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) has hundreds of different cannabinoids, each with their own unique effects and benefits. But, when certain cannabinoids are combined together, called “cannabinoid blends”, users can benefit even more from cannabis products. 
Common Cannabinoid Blends
One of the most common cannabinoid blends in hemp products is a half and half mixture of THC and CBD. Contrary to what you may hear, CBD will not “cancel out” the effects of THC in a 50/50 blend. Most users need a lot more CBD than THC to lessen the effects. In fact, many users report that mixing equal parts THC and CBD results in a stronger buzz than just THC alone. 
Because CBD also contains anti-anxiety properties, it can be great for those who experience anxiety and paranoia when taking THC products. This blend can also be helpful for pain management and chronic ailments such as arthritis. 
Focus Blend
Cannabis may help some users with focus, but for many it can have the opposite effect. But, we’ve found that it really depends on the product and cannabinoid blends being used. One cannabinoid in particular, THC-V has been helpful for our customer base for daytime focus and energy. 
Like many cannabinoids, there isn’t a lot of research on THC-V and its effect on focus. But, most of our customers report a light, uplifting buzz that helps them maintain focus throughout the day. THC-V may also suppress appetite and help curb those late night munchies. 
Fun fact, THC-V may also help suppress appetite and curb those late night munchies. Early research also suggests it may also help with blood pressure, especially when taken with CBD.
Sleep Blend
Sleep is one of the main issues we help our customers with on a daily basis. While delta 8 and delta 9 THC can be helpful for sleep, many users also prefer cannabinoid blends including CBN. CBN is also nicknamed the sleep cannabinoid due to its relaxing properties. CBN is mostly non-intoxicating, but many users report a relaxing body buzz. 
While CBN can be taken on its own, most users prefer to take CBN along with other cannabinoids like CBD or THC. Delta 8 provides a mild euphoric buzz, while CBN helps your mind and body wind down for the night. 
Pain Management Blend
Pain management cannabinoid blends may look different for everyone. There are many different types of pain and everyone’s regiment is personal to them.