With the rising number of CBD users, there comes on board people with a variety of preferences. Flavoring CBD with various fruit flavors has become the new norm in the industry. From banana, apple to the strawberry flavor. Do you love Cherry? If so, you are one among many. 
Before you rush for that cherry flavored CBD, you need to understand that there are two types of cherry flavor:
Natural cherry flavor:
This is the flavor that has been taken from the natural fruit itself. It’s the best of them all. In other terms, it is just like getting the natural cherry fruit juice and blending it with your CBD. It retains the sweetness of the fruit.
Extracted cherry flavor
They are referred to as extracts. This type of flavor is made by using a solvent to extract flavor from cherry fruit. The use of solvents often compromises the natural taste and smell of cherry. However, this method is employed to help produce flavors in large quantities for commercial purposes.
The difference between Natural and extracted flavors
The distinguishing element is the taste. As expected, the natural flavor will be sweeter and much tastier than the extract. However, separating the two may be quite difficult for beginners. It may also be a challenge if the flavor is not blended in good proportion. 
It is good for you to understand the difference so that you get exactly what you paid for. Extracts tend to be cheaper than natural flavors.
The best way is to try the two flavors practically so that you can appreciate the difference.