Disposable vape bars and pens are pretty similar to e-cigarettes, but they’re typically thinner, smaller, and more discrete. Behind that small size, they pack next-gen vaping technology, but to keep it simple, they include:
Tank: Contains the juice (or e-liquid) that gets vaporised during combustionCoil: The heating element (also known as the atomiser head) which steams nicotine juice/liquid and turns it to vapourBattery: The pre-charged battery powers the coilAirflow inhaler: This modulates the amount of vapour you breathe in
The main difference between typical vape pens and disposable vapes is that the latter arrives pre-charged with a flavoured juice already inside, so you’re ready to go straight from the box. In addition, while most disposable vapes last for 200 puffs, we’re happy to report: ours last for double the amount of time, giving you more vape and more enjoyment.